RRCS – Teeshirt Designs

Well! Here we are. I haven’t updated this thing in quite a while. With good reason. I haven’t done much design until about a month and a half ago. Now I am crazy busy! Yay! But not much to show you since a lot of it isn’t finalized. I’m sorry. Boooooo! However here are some RRCS drawings I did earlier this year… was it this year? What month is it? Ah well. They were printed on shirts in various colors. This was the last time I screen printed. I miss it.. even though I never was very good at that printing process I always loved  it.

The Acro-Cats

The Acro-Cats! I was so happy that I had the chance to make this years poster.  The Acro-Cats is a silly act of cats that do amazing tricks. Get excited! It is this Monday and Tuesday. I was looking at a lot of circus posters and I just wanted to emit crazy circus kitty happiness through this poster. I didn’t have time to screen print this so I tried to give it an old time screen or wood block printed feeling in the artwork. I love old shittily printed Circus posters.

Jen McKnight drew all the bestestest cats! Her work is soooo amazing and I was so happy that I had the chance to draw with her after not being able to for so long. She brought me guest slippers, fed me cinnamon rolls and made me coffee and we drew the cats together. Perfect day! I’m a bit rusty after not making a poster in so long but it was good to get back into it and I hope she likes it.. I hope the cats like it. :)

Cats and Monsters

I have nothing new.. yet. But my boss David told me I have to update my blog after I play Super Mario Bros, and before I do any actual work. So here we are. Not knowing what to write about. Actually yesterday I started drawing some Cats for a Cat Circus poster with Jen McKnight. That is exciting. And that’s what I wish I was working on instead of writing this dribble. >:D But working with Jen yesterday reminded me of some of the work I created in her class and I figured I would put a book I worked on in her Imagemaking 1 class up here. It’s still one of my most favorite things I have created.

It’s purely an art book called “Not So Scary Monsters.” Fun fun! All of it was drawn by hand then drawn over on the computer and compiled in photoshop and indesign. I loved making and looking through this book still. It was my first successful hand made hard back! That was exciting right? It was for me so whatever. Leave me alone. :) I perfect bound it by hand, printed the cover on an inkjet or screened (I forget)  and the pages were digitally printed. Some day I want to make a childrens story book about monsters.. I dunno. :) maybe I will.. Sounds like a lot of work.

Video Illustrations

Long time no post.. I know :/ I’m terrible what can I say really. Anyway not sure if anyone reads this crazy blah blah blah anyway. But I really made this to be my “catalog” something to look at and remember what I created. And it’s OK if that is all it will ever be. :)

Anyway. Video Illustrations… I was asked to make several illustrations for some Cranky Yellow videos that were created. I often try to avoid doing these because there is no way to measure if helping with videos is helping the store financially. People see them. They think things.. good or bad.. and I have no idea if they want to stop by. So I started making them very quick Most of them come off simply ridiculous. BUT Ridiculous is the best way to describe this store anyway… and they are fun anyway :) I like to draw quick and stupidly.

Favicons and Fleas

Its been tooo long since I have posted. I’ll try to break that habit.

I’ve gotten into the habit of making animated favicons for websites we have been working on. They are probably harder than a lot of the other work I do because I am restricted to 16 pixels!! It’s tuff making something stand out when I am so limited to pixel depth.. but fun because of the freedom of the projects I have made them for. I only have these 3 so far but hope to make many more

And then come the fleas.. We are working on a social networking project www.fukuflea.com fun fun! I have been drawing fleas.. not sure if they will be useful yet

Burgers Burgers Burgers Burgers!

Veggie Burger Bar
Shangri-La started a burger bar on Wednesday nights.  I’ve never had a veggie burger that I liked until I had theirs :) Tasted just like a real burger! Anyway it’s an all you can eat Mini-Burger Bar and you get ice cream at the end! It seemed like everyone was having fun and a lot of people showed up! Even Adam Richter was there.. everybody likes Adam Richter!

Shangri-La Cupcake Promotions

60’s Shangri-La Poster
I was looking through a book full of 60’s black light posters and was thinking it would be great to do one for Shangri-La. The hostess cupcakes they have there are hand made ginormous mounds of unhealthy wonderfulness. They keep them in a case up front so you can look at them and drool. They are pretty freakin crazy. We have no real budget so we can’t make it an actual black light poster unless we run into some cheap cheap ink. :) no matter.


The Hostess with the Mostess
And one good cupcake deserves another.


Shangri-La Veggie Burgers
I was given a lot of freedom on this flyer (THANKS ANGELO!!!) and I think it would (/will?) actually make a nice poster as well. I was told to just pick anything on their menu and make a flyer.. It is a 60’s themed vegetarian diner with the most amazing owner/cook Patrice. She was open to anything so I tried to mix some sixty’s with organic. Their food actually tastes really good and appeals to the non-vegetarian (often unhealthy) eater.. so a burger seemed appropriate. ;)

Shangri-La Specials
Angelo actually asked me to help with these. It’s fun trying to make copy. It takes me too long but it’s fun. This was actually created first before the burger and I was really just trying to create a system that I could use in future matreial. The organic parts took a while as I kept exploring how I might want them to look.

Check out Shangri-La they have the best food ever!

Variety Show!

Too Late For Fun Time
Yay a Variety Show at work.. This is an odd one. And one of my favorites in a long time.
It is a show of many acts based on the theme of a St. Louis Missed Connections Craigslist Advertisement. The numerous acts are asked to in some way incorperate the missed connection involving a person who found someone elses name inside of a Death Cab for Cutie CD. They went on and on about how they fantisized about the person who wrote their name inside.. We don’t know the person who wrote the ad and eventually decided to invite them to the show as well. I knew this was going to be fun when Jo suggested I illustrate a bearded lady.. Because you never know who you’ll meet when you take a chance on the internet.

May Day

May Day

We’ve been pretty busy at the shop. I was looking forward to doing this poster for some time but time constraints were making the outcome look kinda bleak until I whipped this one up. Anyway May Day is a celibration of labor/equality  laws and such. It’s strange to get involved in political posters when I am way to passive and hate politics or an argument of any kind for that matter. I think that may have carried onto this poster as I fought to keep it positive and not offend the other political party… and I like that.

Also got a chance to work out the finishing details on a new website for Nathan Lee. This guys music rocks you should check it out HERE! It’s one of the more simple things I have done in a long time. :D